Corporate Real Estate Solutions

Property Management Services


We will efficiently attend to every aspect of the day-to-day management of your property portfolio. From rent collection, property maintenance to tenant sourcing and retention

Corporate Real Estate Solutions

Property Management Services

Let us provide a custom solution to manage your commercial property porfolio. We are able to structure the right package based on your needs. From a full service management package, to administration and rent collection. 

Property Management Solution

Our service include on-boarding of your tenants onto our industry leading management software system, collection and maintenance of rentals and arrears, lease renewals and providing monthly reports as well as budgets.

Tenant Representation

Our tenant resentative has your best interest in mind throughout the lease renewal process. We will provide market knowledge, help your business to avoid mistakes, assist with negotiations and much more, providing you with peace of mind that you are paying the best rates based on market and industry norms

Site Selection Process

A key decision a business must make is site selection. Such decisions have been receiving increasing attention, as companies begin to appreciate how site location can affect the bottom line and future prospects for your business. We consider logistics issue such as access to major roads and highways, availabilty of public transport, brand visibilty as well as position in relation to customers and related partners


Access to the largest network of property professionals

Landlords & Owners

Our network includes long standing relationships with the countries leading Commercial Property Funds, Landlords and Managing Agent

Market Intelligence

Our resouces include access to the latest market trends for all commercial sectors including SAPOA reports, Rode Reports as well as having up-to-date information on upcoming vacancies and property information

Service Providers

We have engaged with the leading service providers in the property industry to provide value add services to our clients. 


Trusted by Top Companies Nationwide

When & Why

Do you need the services of a Tenant Representative?

 By assessing your property portfolio, we will secure the most favourable terms by negotiating on your behalf. Core to our beliefs, is finding an optimal and sustainable solution for our clients so that leases can properly fulfil the needs of the business and do so for the long term.